You Have Issues - Zine

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In 24 hours, the life you once knew can change instantly.  The worst part is when a situation is grown out of hate and intolerance.

I decided to share this on the 4 year anniversary of the even for the first time (2017.02.12).  It is my duty as a cisgender, homosexual, latinx male to stand proudly even though I have been discriminated against. I am me, and I love me.  I will stand strong with those who feel uneasy.  This is my message to them.  You are not alone.  Stay Strong.

There are 25 Copies of the First Edition. Base price is $3 and increases from there.

#MyBearishLife (Use this hashtag if you want!)

Size: 4 in x 5 in (10.5 cm x 13.5 cm)

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